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This site offers people with an interest in spirituality a platform about meditation and Buddhist practice. Here you also find my course offerings, online meditations practices, articles, publications and information on the seminar center Mandalahof.

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May Your Practice Succeed

Online Meditation Course

A few conscious breaths can help to deal better with difficult circumstances. For me it is certain that people can liberate themselves.

Here you find instructions and practices for body and mind, which train you to focus on your breath during your daily routines, to become aware of your emotions, and to break free from deeply seated negative thoughts and habits.

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Peter Riedl

is a medical doctor, meditation teacher and author. Since 1991, he is also chief editor of the
magazine Ursache\Wirkung, which covers spiritual and Buddhist topics.

He leads meditation and mindfulness courses, and manages the spiritual residential and seminar center ‘Mandalahof’ in Vienna.

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Meditation & Courses

Since 1996, Peter Riedl leads meditation courses for beginners, advanced practitioners and teachers in Vienna. Next to mindfulness workshops he also holds courses in stress-reduction for doctors and hospital staff. His methods are easily integrated and applied to daily life.

Peter Riedl offers meditation courses several times a year.

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News from Peter Riedl

Meditation & Mindfulness, News | 6. June 2019

Guru, nein danke!

Keine Frage, es gibt auch gute Gurus, aber sie sind selten geworden. Jegliche Ausbildung zur Meisterschaft benötigt Zeit, im Minimum zehn Jahre, 30 wären besser. Früher war es üblich, sich …

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Meditation & Mindfulness, News | 6. March 2019

Wie dumm kann man sein?

Über und um Achtsamkeit ist vielen vieles immer noch unklar, nur eines nicht: Die Achtsamkeitswelle scheint nicht mehr zu stoppen, sie ist Dauerthema in Seminaren und Zeitschriften. Unlängst gerate ich …

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News, Society | 27. January 2019

Wie wird man dauerhaft zufrieden?

Um zufrieden zu werden, müssen wir unser 'Ich' loslassen. Peter Riedl geht der Sache auf den Grund, warum niemand zufrieden ist, obwohl das doch jeder möchte. Woran liegt es, dass niemand …

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A spiritual residential and seminar center in the heart of Vienna for all those who are seeking a special place to stay or live. It offers tranquility, a pleasurable atmosphere and the best technical equipment. Rent our seminar and event spaces for Yoga, meditation or meetings. Images & Pictures: ©Valerie Rosenburg

Seminar center

Apartments & therapy rooms

Ursache\Wirkung is issued quarterly and is the largest independent magazine for Buddhism, ethics, spirituality and health in the German-speaking world. Read our magazine and discover current articles and blogs on our online platform.


Mindfulness, Meditation & Ethics

Upcoming Events

05 Mar ’20

08 Mar ’20

Key to Serenity

Meditation course – Practices for a successful life

Course Hours
18 - 20 Uhr
10 - 17 Uhr
10 - 17 Uhr
10 - 14 Uhr
Target audience

Beginners, advanced practitioners and teachers


€ 290


Mandalahof - Fleischmarkt 16/1DG, 1010 Wien

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Tel.: + 43 12345678 E-Mail: info@peterriedl.at

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