A crisis is changing the world

Article published
30. March 2020
Corona crisis, Meditation & Mindfulness, News

The public restrictions through the measures taken in response to the corona crisis are entering the third week.

Knowledge and awareness
On Instagram kavana.life says: “If you can’t go outside, go inside”. But what should we look for there – and in what way?

In the supermarket, we see cheap goods and know that they are produced under terrible conditions by underpaid people who are treated like slaves. Nevertheless, many people reach for them instead of the quality product next to it at double the price.

We know that nationalism leads to war, but people still continue to vote for nationalist parties.

To ‘know’ something and to ‘really be aware’ of something are two different things. Awareness includes not only thoughts but also feelings. We often confuse thinking with feeling and believe to think what we feel. Through mindfulness we can recognize this subtle differences within ourselves.

Why is it so difficult to deal wisely with thoughts and feelings?

The accompanying practices of mindfulness and meditation are helpful here.

You can find related practices on this blog and in the freely downloadable ebooks on this website.

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