Peter Riedl

is a medical doctor, meditation teacher and author. For three decades until 2019, he was also chief editor of the magazine Ursache\Wirkung, which covers spiritual and Buddhist topics.

He leads meditation and mindfulness courses, and manages the spiritual residential and seminar center Mandalahof in Vienna. In 2023, he founded PELI Kastri, a retreat and mindfulness location with a small guesthouse on the Pilion in Greece. In 2022, his book ‘A Path to Freedom’ was published in English by U\W Verlag.

Meditative absorption is not attained through receiving or experiencing something beautiful, but by reducing the multitude we constantly carry in our heads. It is independent of external circumstances.

Life story

  • 1943

    Born in Hannover, Germany

  • 1974

    Medical specialist for radiology in Vienna

  • 1986

    Took refuge in Buddhism

  • 1991 until today

    Chief editor of the Buddhist magazine Ursache\Wirkung

  • 1993 until today

    Teaching of meditation and mindfulness courses

  • 1999

    Conferral of the honorary title „Associate University Professor“

  • 2002 bis 2006

    President of the Austrian Buddhist Religious Association (ÖBR)

  • 2003

    Publication of ‚Auf ins Nirvana – Gespräche über Buddhismus’ (Off to Nirvana – Conversations about Buddhism), Ibera

  • 2004

    Foundation of W.I.S.D.O.M. - “Wiener Schule der offenen Meditation” (Viennese School of Open Meditation).

  • 2006

    Foundation of the seminar center Mandalahof, A-1010 Vienna, Fleischmarkt 16

  • 2016

    Publication ‚Möge die Übung gelingen’ (May Your Practice Succeed), U\W Verlag

  • 2017

    Publication ‚Achtsamkeit & Sexualität’ (Mindfulness and Sexuality), U\W Verlag

  • 2018

    Publication ‚Schlüssel zur Gelassenheit’ (The Key to Serenity), U\W Verlag

Books by Peter Riedl

New 14,00

A Path To Freedom

The fourth and final book in this series provides guidance on overcoming the five obstacles - addictive behavior, anger, fear, lack of energy and skeptical doubt.


Mindfulness and Sexuality

Mindfulness and Sexuality – a spiritual practice is a path to a mindful sexuality and a meaningful life.


The Key to Serenity

We all wish for a joyful life in serenity. The key to such a life lies in the proper way of dealing with feeling and thinking.

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