Crisis as opportunity – Week II Thursday

Article published
26. March 2020
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The futurologist Matthias Horx has recently stated that the corona crisis will change the world. I think so too. Crises always transform us; this is their upside.

Many people have noticed that our world was heading towards the wrong direction, that once again it was turned upside down.

After the corona crisis will have come to an end, major changes will have happened by themselves. However, mindfulness can help us now to make sure that these are appropriate and sustainable.

The Buddha taught: “There is only one way out of misery and distress, out of sorrow and suffering, and it is the practice of mindfulness.”

Simple mindfulness practices can be performed at any time and place in our everyday life, and in this way they will gradually become more effortless.

Practice ‘On the phone’

The phone is ringing.
Do not reach for the mobile phone or the handset immediately.
Breathe in and out with awareness.
Move your hand to the handset.
Feel the initial moment of touch.
Feel the weight of the phone.

Move your hand with the device towards your ear.

Feel the touch with your ear.
Form the intention of saying your name or a greeting.
Say your name or a greeting.
Listen to who is on the other end of the line.

Listen to what this person is saying.

Try to stay with what you are hearing.
Recognize when your own thoughts come up.
Just hearing and speaking.

Repeat this practice

Thoughts on meditation and the mindfulness practice “Four Breaths” can be found here.

These and other mindfulness practices can lead to profound changes. They allow us to perceive the body and feelings more clearly, slow down our pace of life, and gain new experiences.

May your practice succeed.

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