Peli Kastri

The Beach Resort and Retreat Center Project Peli Kastri will be a place focused on mental and physical health, relaxationand well-being. It will be built according to the highest ecological standards, both in terms of energy production, water consumption, soilconsumption and sealing, and the use of regional and natural building materials.

The Center is located directly at the beach of Kastri and is embedded in an extensive olive grove, in an original landscape full of peace andserenity. Countless centuries-old olive trees line the path from the sea up to a high plateau, providing space and opportunity formeditation, contemplation, reflection, good conversation and philosophical reflection.

"The beauty and tranquility of the landscape, the staydirectly by the sea and the preoccupation with one's own spiritual and physical development, offer an incomparable opportunity for self-discovery."

time schedule

  • 2021-2023

    phase 1

    Reconstruction and expansion of the current facility - amain building, a tavern and 1-2 yoga and meditation rooms, or terraces

  • 2023-2025

    phase 2

    New construction I - 10-15 apartments/ tiny houses, 4-6 therapy rooms, swimming pool and 3-6 small 'meditation retreats'

  • 2026 onward

    phase 3

    New construction II - full extension of the facility

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