Crisis as opportunity – Week II Friday

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27. March 2020
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The second week is coming to an end. The world has changed.

Today a friend called me from Germany and said he was sorry that so many activities are no longer possible. In-person meetings, a glass of wine together. He hoped that politicians in Austria would be more liberal.

I have a different view. The current measures have nothing to do with liberalism. The question is whether or not they are necessary. In my life I have often from taking an occasional break or going on retreat. It was a long and at times difficult process for me to become more patient, but now I recognize the wholesomeness in this virtue.

If all goes well, this extreme withdrawal from society should gradually end around the time of Easter. That would be a good time indeed, since Easter has great symbolic power. Endings and downfalls as well as resurrections and new beginnings permeate our lives.

We can be mindful the next two weeks. This is what we want to prepare for.

A very good mindfulness practice is brushing your teeth, since it can be done daily:

Brushing your teeth with mindfulness
When brushing your teeth, make the decision to perform it as mindfulness practice.
Carry out this decision.
Feel how you reach for the toothpaste tube.
Notice the initial contact with the tube.
Sense the pressure you exert when unscrewing the cap.
Sense the pressure you exert when squeezing out the toothpaste.
Press the toothpaste onto the toothbrush.
Feel your hand approaching the mouth.
Smell the toothpaste.
Feel the mouth opening.
Feel the touch of the toothbrush against your teeth.
Brush your teeth as consciously, slowly and mindfully as possible.
Perform this practice daily during the time of the corona crisis.

May your practice succeed

Instructions for the practice of mindfulness can be found here.

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