Crisis as opportunity – Week II Wednesday

Article published
25. March 2020
Corona crisis, Meditation & Mindfulness, News

A higher degree of normality and routine is slowly emerging. Stress is occasionally caused by constant close contact with family, limited permission to go out and to distract oneself.

Simple practices can help you to interrupt and reduce stress.

4 breaths

If you notice that you are under pressure, make an intention to pause for a moment. Carry this intent out as follow:

Breathe in and out,
Breathe in and out,
Breathe in and out,
Breathe in and out –
four times in a row.

Whenever you remember, repeat this practice.

Instructions for the practice of mindfulness can be found here.

This simple practice allows you to interrupt stress and reconnect with your body and breath.

Smokers do something similar when they step outside to have a cigarette. They interrupt their current activity and perform a physical ritual.

This practice of “the four breaths” achieves the same goal but is healthier and lets you live longer. 😊

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