Crisis as opportunity – Week II Monday

Article published
23. March 2020
Corona crisis, News

The first days of the corona crisis are over. Now is a good time to use the time of silence and retreat to look back on your life. From this, new insights and prospects for changes in the future can arise.

Review and preview
Consider the following questions in writing or in contemplative meditation:

  • How have I spent my life so far?
  • What have I achieved fully, partially or not at all?
  • What do I want to change in the future?
  • What actions will I take for this?

A short break
Rudi Klausnitzer asked me to join him in offering a daily practice on Radio Austria. I gladly accepted his invitation. A first exercise for a short pause from your daily routine can be found following:


How to deal with fear
If it is not yet possible to let go of fear by grounding yourself, as described in the previous blog post, you can also ‘replace’ fear as a first step. This can be done by distraction, reading, television, etc. However, know that this is not a permanent solution.


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